Why iSTEAM Studio

Our Promise to community is to keep kids engaged in technology that is advancing fast and provide opportunities to enhance their abilities and learn. We focus on education that creates critical thinkers, problem solvers and inspires innovators. Kids will be ready for STEM jobs in this fast growing STEM era.

Programs at iSTEAM Studio

LEGO Creations

Students will  develop 21st century skills and become lifelong learners. Our courses teach kids to be Engineers and they acquire real-life skills like Critical thinking and  Problem solving and presentations with reasoning.

Block Coding and Text Programming

Being able to use the Internet and operate computers is one thing, but it is just as valuable to teach students how to code. At iSTEAM Studio, we provide everything your child needs to learn about early computer science and programming and the fun way! Our instructors have strong experience in programming as well as in teaching. We dive deep to look inside computer science to teach concepts including math and logic.


Electronics and Circuits

Who does not love electronics! Kids here learn the basics of using electronic components, electro-magnetism, Motors, Solar cells, AM Radio’s, Electronic Pianos, Walkie-Talkies, and real life Experiments.

Kids will learn making an electric circuit using wires and battery. They also learn parallel circuits and simple circuits. Also we can learn to draw an electricity circuit on a paper. There is more!!

3D Design and Printing

This program will help kids conceptualize, design and print in 3D! Their 3D Models will inspire them to be great engineers for tomorrow. This revolutionary course provides a foundation in critical technology and engineering skills.

Math Made Fun!!

At iSTEAM Studio, we teach kids valuable life and educational skills through play. We will work with kids to develop mental math skills.

Stay in Touch

Need more information about programs? Get in touch with us by sending an email to contact@isteamstudio.com or call us at 309-397-8808