Essential elements of safe operations for in-person learning at iSTEAM Studio

At iSTEAM Studio, we are taking all possible measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19. We follow CDC health guidelines seriously and adapt to IDPH Illinois Department of Public Health suggestions to reduce the risk to our students, families, and staff.


  • Limited number of students in each hour and camps.
  • Students do not share desks unless they come together or are from same family
  • Face Mask is required for everyone inside (Parents, Employees, Kids).
  • We maintain social distancing inside as much as possible. 
  • Parents are requested to drop-off and pick up kids near the entrance waiting area. Do not come inside unless necessary.
  • Everyone washes hands before touching any equipment or material inside iSTEAM Studio.  
  • Increased Center Cleaning & Disinfecting Procedures are in place to protect from spread of virus.
  • We ask students wear socks all the time. We remove shoes before entering our work-area. This helps us provide cleaner place for kids.


What can your child bring inside:

  • A Water bottle clearly labeled with child’s name.

  • Peanut & Tree-Nut Free Snack and Lunch

  • Only necessary medications (we do have first aid emergency kit)

  • One small backpack (to carry above)

  • Each child will be designated their own space, to keep their belongings. 


Other Precautions

  • All participants must bring their own face coverings.

  • Wash hands as soon as you enter iSTEAM.

  • Parents can come in to pick-up and drop-off till the waiting area. We request you to not enter the kids work area.

  • Stay at home if symptomatic or feeling sick. Follow CDC guidelines before returning to iSTEAM. Also, please self-quarantine according to CDC guidelines.

  • Provide your Emergency Contact number in case we need to contact you if your kid gets sick.

  • Due to COVID-19, We do not provide snacks and meals in iSTEAM Studio. We ask parents to send snacks and lunch with kids. We also ask kids to bring their own water bottles to reduce trips to the water dispenser. 

  • We will maintain  an Entry Log, which will include: Child Name, Check-In time (and later, Check-Out time), Parent / Guardian Name, Parent Guardian Emergency Contact Info.


Visit for more information on how to protect yourself as well as others. The full CDC guidelines can be found here: